The Ebb and Flow of Passion


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Success takes many years.

For the self-made millionaire-Dreamers (those who pursued a dream) and the Virtuosos (those who were experts in their field) in my Rich Habits Study, it took anywhere from twelve to twenty years to realize success and experience the perk or byproduct of success – wealth.

Because success takes such a long time, it’s impossible for passion alone to carry you through the ups and downs that you no doubt experience during the pursuit of success.

The ups you experience typically coincide with minor victories, overcoming obstacles, discovering solutions to seemingly intractable problems and the realization of good luck in the form of Opportunity Luck, which is infrequent but nonetheless present during the journey.

Passion is easy to find during those up cycles.

The downs you experience typically coincide with the minor failures, pitfalls, problems and the bouts of bad luck you experience along the way.

Passion is hard to find during those down cycles.

Passion is critical for success, especially in the early stages of your success journey. But if you depend entirely on passion for success, the loss of passion during the down periods will stop you in your tracks.

When you forge good daily habits (Rich Habits) you don’t need to depend on passion to keep you going.

Habits are daily behaviors, thinking, emotions and decisions that are automatic and immunize you to the ups and downs that are part of the success journey. Because habits are automatic, you will engage in them during up periods and down periods.

Good habits, therefore, take the need for uninterrupted passion, out of success equation.

That is why habits are so important to success. Good habits put you on autopilot for success.

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  1. Success is a process not an event,it’s all about bearing the pain along the way until you give birth to your vision.

  2. We can achieve success without bearing a pain. In fact, life should not bear any pain along the way to success.
    Success is the right way in itself, whether before, during or after. If it is a game, we play that game, not to shoulder the game as burden on the way. This is an art of life.

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