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Many people have heard of Francis Crick. In 1983, Crick received a Nobel prize for his discovery of the helical structure (snake-like structure) of DNA.

But Crick also spent 30 years studying sleep. Specifically, how sleep affects memory and skills. Crick’s theories remained just that, theories, until Matthew Walker (Why We Sleep) came along and conducted various experiments that helped confirm many of Crick’s sleep theories.

One such theory was that learning, followed by sleep, strengthened the retention of facts and also helped to boost skill memory.

In various experiments, Walker had participants learn new facts or new skills. One group was then permitted to sleep while the other control group did not sleep. The group that slept experienced a 20-35% increase in retention and accuracy – they were able to retain more facts or perform their new skills better.

The results of Walker’s experiments showed that offline learning occurs during deep sleep. Put another way, practice does not make perfect – practice, followed by a night of sleep, is what leads to mastery.

For those of you pursuing a dream or success, Walker’s insights are critical to your journey.

The pursuit of a dream or success forces you to gain knowledge or skills you didn’t otherwise possess. Those who forge good sleep habits, increase the chances for success by boosting the retention of new facts and perfecting the new skills acquired in the pursuit of a dream or success.

In short, learn or practice and then follow that learning/practice by a good night’s sleep. The offline process of deep sleep will help solidify what you learn and will improve your skills, increasing your chances of success.

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