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I am happy to announce that the Rich Habits brand is expanding.

This past month I have signed the following foreign publishing agreements:

  • Embassy Books – Embassy is a major publishing house located in India. I am very excited about this as India has over 1.3 billion people. More importantly, India’s reading population consistently ranks among the highest in the world. Over the next 12 months, they will be publishing:
    • Rich Habits, 2nd Edition – I have been working on the 2nd Edition of Rich Habits for the past 18 months. This edition includes the latest Rich Habits research, expands the scope and depth of the Rich Habits to 30, and includes a copy of my Rich Habits Research Summary. Embassy will be the first publishing house in the world to publish Rich Habits, 2nd Edition, something I am very excited about.
    • Change Your Habits Change Your Life – In terms of sales, Change Your Habits Change Your Life is 2nd only to Rich Habits, my #1 bestselling book. Change Your Habits includes the latest science on habit change, breaks down the neurology behind habits in way that is easy to understand, and includes resources to help you identify and change your habits.
    • Rich Kids – Although Rich Kids has not sold as many copies as Rich Habits, it has received numerous literary awards. Writer’s Digest awarded Rich Kids with a “Runner up” (2nd place, essentially) for its prestigious 2015 Writers Digest Self-Publishing Awards Contest. This was a significant accomplishment as Writer’s Digest is the trade publication and bible for professional writers. The team that reviewed Rich Kids included professional book writers, selected by Writer’s Digest to review all of the author books entered in the contest. Rich Kids shares all of the Rich Habits the 233 millionaires in my Rich Habits Study learned from their parents, grandparents, teachers and mentors.
  • MC Books – MC Books is located in Hanoi, Vietnam. They have agreed to publish the following books in Vietnam:
    • Rich Habits, 2nd Edition
    • Change Your Habits Change Your Life
  • Yuan-Liou – Yuan-Liou is a premier publisher located in China, specializing in self-help and educational books. Yuan-Liou publishes all of its books in Traditional Chinese language, which is the spoken and written language for nearly half of the population in China (Simple Chinese being the other language). Yuan-Liou has agreed to publish Rich Habits Poor Habits, a collaborative effort between Michael Yardney and myself. Michael is Australia’s top real estate expert and a self-made millionaire. He is also a great guy and one of my good friends. Every year I journey to Australia to speak at The Wealth Retreat, hosted by Michael. The Wealth Retreat is attended by some of Australia’s most successful real estate investors/entrepreneurs.

Recently, a publisher located in Poland, has solicited Michael Yardney and myself to publish Rich Habits Poor Habits in Poland. We have accepted their Terms Sheet and they are in the process of drafting a Publishing Agreement for Michael and I to review.

I have completed my latest book, Rich Neighbor Poor Neighbor. Rich Neighbor Poor Neighbor shares the smart money habits of self-made millionaires (the Rich Neighbor in my book) and the not so smart money habits of those who struggle financially in life (the Poor Neighbor in my book). It highlights the smart money strategies you need during every stage of your life: Engagement, Marriage, Buying Your First Home, Building Your Family, Creating Multiple Revenue Streams, College Funding, Retirement Funding and Retirement. My hope is to find traditional publishers interested in publishing Rich Neighbor Poor Neighbor.

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  1. That’s so cool! You are going to be one of the USA’s best export products because your work has helped so many people improve so many aspects of their lives. It is always inspiring to see people that make the world a better place prosper!

  2. Congratulations Sir ! Will be looking forward to your books in India.

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