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Success requires change and one of the seven steps to change is growth. You grow by learning. This learning can be knowledge-based, skill-based or both.

One of the advantages our generation has over all other generations is easy access to information. Information that can accelerate change, leading to success and producing wealth.

If you were to peruse YouTube, you’d find a lot of videos. Many of those videos do nothing but feed time-wasting habits. But many of those videos also educate.

When I decided I wanted to build a horse shoe pit in my back yard, I visited YouTube. There, I found an abundance of videos explaining and showing exactly how to do that. I watched a few videos, took notes, and after about an hour, went outside and began building my horse shoe pit, based on my notes.

Although I had never built a horse shoe pit before, the education I acquired from those YouTube videos helped me to build the perfect horse shoe pit.

What new knowledge or skills would you like to acquire?

See if you can make a list of twelve. This will become your Growth List.

Next, find a binder and put your Growth List into that binder. This will become your Growth Binder.

Then, each month, focus on one of the twelve items on your list. Visit YouTube and watch at least three videos about the item on your list. Take copious notes. Review your notes. Try to summarize your copious notes into a one-page summary. Then put all of your notes and summary page into a Growth Binder, with a slipsheet or topic separator, in order to separate it from the other items on your Growth List.

If an item on your list is skill-based, make sure you practice what you’ve learned, after reviewing the notes. This will help reinforce what you’ve learned and help you develop a brand new skill.

Do this for each item on your Growth List. After twelve months you will have advanced your knowledge and your skills enormously.

Ideally, if your Growth List is tied to your dreams and goals, it will help move you forward towards the realization of your dreams and goals.

Good luck!

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  1. Heera Sidhu says:

    What a great way to plan for growth for the coming year!

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