Dabbling Your Way to Success


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Definition of Heuristics: The process of experimentation through trial and error.

Those who achieve the greatest success in life, and thus, accumulate the most wealth, are individuals who have combined three things:

  1. Monetization
  2. Passion and
  3. Innate Talent

Making money (Monetization) doing something you love (Passion), which is easier for you to master than it is for others (Innate Talent), will make you rich and successful in life.

Each person possesses certain innate talents; activities they are naturally better at doing than others. These innate talents are imprinted on you at birth by virtue of your unique combination of the 20,000 genes you inherited from your mother and your father.

When an innate talent is exposed, those talent genes awaken and send a powerful signal to the emotional center of your brain, altering you, through passion, that you’ve struck gold.

Passion is life’s way of notifying you that you’ve stumbled upon an innate talent – the thing you were born to do – your main purpose in life. When you put your innate talents to use to make money – success, wealth and fulfillment result.

The sad truth for most people, however, is that their talent genes remain dormant, never seeing the light of day.


Lack of experimentation.

Only by experimenting with numerous, diverse activities will you be able to strike gold – finding that which you were born to do.

In short, you need to learn how to dabble.

Experiment with different activities. Explore one new activity a month. Devote whatever time you have available to that activity every day.

One process, which I recently touched on (YouTube Challenge), involves making a list of different new activities you’d like to experiment with. Then, one by one, learn everything you can about each activity and engage in that activity for one month.

After a month, you will discover if it is an innate talent:

  • It will be easy for you to do and it will also make your heart sing (you’ll want to keep doing it) or
  • It will be very hard for you to do and will make your heart cry (you’ll want to stop doing it).

We all have one short life to live. The only way for us to find our true calling is through heuristics – experimentation.

Start your experiment today!

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  1. Lisa Schreiber says:

    Brilliant post! I love this idea, and I am going to start implementing it today! I am also going to show it to my 25 year old son, in hope that he’ll start now too!

  2. Sounds like a book I’m focusing right now; You generate clarity by
    • asking questions
    • researching,
    • and trying new things

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