7 Pillars of Happiness


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The study of the rich and the poor has led me down many rabbit holes. One very important rabbit hole was habits, which I am now certain dictates the circumstances of our lives.

But another important rabbit hole I ventured down, is something that every human seeks – happiness.

I’ve identified seven pillars of happiness. These represent seven core things that create happiness:

  1. Rich Relationships – Who you surround yourself with dictates your happiness. If you surround yourself with too many negative, toxic, unhappy people they will infect you with their negativity and cause you great unhappiness. If you surround yourself with many positive, upbeat, optimistic, happy people they too will infect you with their positivity and cause you to be happy.
  2. Pursue Your Dreams and Goals – When you put your ladder on someone else’s wall, you are essentially following someone else’s dreams and goals. Because they are not your dreams and your goals, eventually you will become bored or despondent with your life. When you follow your dreams and goals, however, that is where happiness lies. You need to pursue those things in life that make your heart sing.
  3. Service to Others – When you give of yourself for the benefit of others, happiness results. This is why volunteering is so important – it makes you feel happy and fulfilled.
  4. Good Health – When your health is poor, it creates great unhappiness. This is why it is so important to exercise every day and eat healthy food. When you pursue a lifestyle which benefits your health, happiness follows.
  5. Financial Security – When you are unable to pay your bills or struggle financially, this creates unhappiness. When your wealth produces enough income to maintain your standard of living until you die, you eliminate the vast majority of your problems in life. Not having to worry about money, creates happiness.
  6. Happy Family and Friends – When any of your family or friends is struggling in life, this makes you unhappy. As someone once told me – you are only as happy as your unhappiest child. When those around you are happy about their lives, that makes you happy.
  7. Enjoy What You Do For a Living – When you hate your job, you are unhappy. When you love your job, you are happy. Doing work that you enjoy creates happiness.
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