Do You Have What it Takes to Pursue Your Dreams, Goals or Success?


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Very few pursue their dreams, big goals or success. Such pursuits require changes that have a way of shaking up our lives.

These changes always affect those closest to us – our immediate family and close friends.

And because change is uncomfortable, those affected most, fight back.

That push back often comes in the form of dire warnings of the risks and uncertainties by one or more individuals affected by the pursuit of your dreams, big goals or success.

When that doesn’t seem to work, it then devolves into a sort of collective effort, with everyone coalescing into a chorus, singing the tune of impending disaster.

When that group strategy fails, those most affected, resort to outright threats, hoping their threats will bring you back into the safety of the herd and away from the unforeseen dangers you will no doubt face if you continue your pursuits.

Most dreamers will, at this point, slink back into the fold, rejoin the herd and sideline their dreams, goals or the pursuit of success. Staying within the status quo of the herd, is just easier, less stressful and physiologically less demanding for everyone.

That is why there are so many more employees than employers.

Yet, while we are all hardwired to stay within our individual herds, we are also hardwired to create, take risks and to go for it in life.

These two diametrically opposed instincts continuously battle one another. It is a veritable war raging inside each one of us who desire to break free from our herds, in the pursuit of dreams, goals or success.

Only a few exceptional individuals are able to withstand the assaults on their dreams, goals or success.

We call these exceptional individuals, self-made millionaires.

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  1. Bonnie Jean says:

    Which book do you recommend that I read first… Rich Habits or Change Your Habits, Change Your Life ?
    I am 61 and still pursuing a dream (albeit in a somewhat different way because I have a family and responsibilities to others so I cannot just go off on my own). But I would like to know which you recommend first.

    Thank you,

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