When You Transform Goals Into Habits – Success is Guaranteed


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Success is a process. What makes a process a process, is consistency.

You must do certain, specific things every day in order to keep yourself moving forward, irrespective of how you’re feeling. You must remove the need for motivation or enthusiasm as a driver, in the pursuit of success.

Motivation and enthusiasm starts the engine, but habits keep that engine running, no matter how you feel or how your day is going.

The self-made millionaires in my study defined their dreams and their goals and then they did something that virtually ensured they would succeed in realizing their dreams and goals – they automated success by transforming goals into daily habits.

Let me give you an example.

Let’s say you’re a financial advisor and you set an audacious goal of increasing your financial services revenues by 50%. In order for that to happen, you determine that you must increase the number of clients you have from twenty-five to fifty.

How do you do it?

By making a daily habit of finding and pitching new prospects. If it takes 200 pitches to generate 50 meetings and 50 meetings to generate 25 new clients, that means you must pitch two hundred prospects.

Now, that seems like a very big mountain to climb. But, if you make a daily habit of pitching ten prospects a day, that will generate about twelve meetings, and ultimately, six new clients. If you keep at this daily prospecting habit, in less than five months, you will have secured twenty-five new clients.

To keep you on task, you can use a daily to-do list and pre-populate it with daily activities, tailored around your goals. The to-do list is your accountability partner, reminding you to engage in those activities every day.

Eventually, the daily goal-driven activities will become habits and you won’t need to use a to-do list to remind you to engage in them.

It is when your goal-driven activities become habits, that success becomes automatic.

Automating success, by transforming goals into daily activities that eventually become habits, will help you realize your goals and, in time, achieve success.

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