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We have two brains. A New Brain and an Old Brain.

The New Brain is also known as the neocortex, or outer layer of the brain.

The Old Brain is composed of two parts: the Brain Stem and the Limbic System.

The New Brain has only been around for about 200,000 years. It is the CEO of the brain and houses your executive functions. Some refer to the New Brain as the conscious brain.

The Old Brain has been around for millions of years. It houses all of your emotions and controls the autonomic functions of the body. Some refer to the Old Brain as the subconscious brain.

Because your Old Brain has been around so much longer than your New Brain, it is infinitely more powerful. It can perform many functions simultaneously, whereas the New Brain can only focus on one thing at a time.

The Old Brain is also where all of your beliefs and habits are stored.

Those beliefs and habits dictate most of your thinking and behaviors.

When your beliefs and habits are destructive, your thinking and behaviors will be destructive. And the circumstances of your life will mirror your destructive thinking and behaviors.

In that mirror you will find all sorts of catastrophic outcomes: poverty, joblessness, broken relationships, hatred, anger, envy, poor health, addictions, failure, ignorance and unhappiness.

So, in order to change the circumstances of your life, you need re-wire your Old Brain. You do this by changing your beliefs and habits from destructive to constructive.

A negative mental outlook breeds destructive beliefs and habits.

A positive mental outlook breeds constructive beliefs and habits.

In order to re-wire your Old Brain, you therefore need to shift your mental outlook from negative to positive.

You jump start this shift to a positive mental outlook through gratitude. Gratitude is the gateway to a positive mental outlook.

By focusing on what is right about your life, instead of what is wrong, you change the lens through which you view your life from negative to positive.

Once that shift begins to stick, your Old Brain will find it impossible to hold on to old destructive beliefs and habits that are inconsistent with your new positive outlook.

In its place, the Old Brain will substitute new constructive beliefs and habits that are consistent with your new positive outlook.

It won’t happen overnight, but within about six months, this re-wiring will become permanent. And that’s when all the fun starts – your life will begin to change in ways you only dreamed of.

Positivity is a magnet for happiness and success and gratitude turns that magnet on.

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