Why Do You Want to be Rich?


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There are many reasons individuals seek wealth.

When the reasons are driven by the desire to acquire things, then the WHY isn’t usually powerful enough, and wealth is elusive or fleeting.

When your WHY is powerful, however, than the likelihood you will accumulate the wealth you desire increases ten-fold.

What makes a WHY powerful?

  • Your WHY is to Do What You Love – When whatever you do to make money is something you love doing, something that makes your heart sing, your WHY is Powerful.
  • Your WHY is to Perfect Your Talents – When your endeavors put into service your unique, innate talents – skills which come easier to you than to others, then your WHY is Powerful.
  • Your WHY is to Provide Added Value  – When the products or services you provide adds value to the lives of others, your WHY is Powerful.
  • Your WHY is to Help Others – When you intend to use the wealth you seek to improve the lives of others, your WHY is Powerful.
  • Your WHY is to End Your Poverty – When your desire for wealth is to set you free from a life of poverty for you and your family, your WHY is Powerful.

What is Your WHY for being rich?

Is it a Powerful WHY?

When your WHY is powerful, it will stimulate you to take action. That initial action becomes a catalyst, generating more action by feeding you with a never-ending supply of motivation and persistence – two common traits of ALL self-made millionaires.

Self-motivation and persistence are formidable allies in the pursuit of wealth. They enable you to overcome obstacles. They help you to grow in knowledge. They allow you to acquire and perfect skills, until you become a Virtuoso at what you do.

Finding a powerful WHY is where it all begins. It sets everything in motion.

Don’t wait, however, for that WHY to find you. It won’t. You must go out and find it yourself. It’s out there, waiting to be discovered.

Each morning, find a quiet place. Close your eyes, silence your mind and focus your thoughts on one singular thing: Help me find a WHY that really matters to me?

This directs your subconscious to go to work, behind the scenes, in search for the answer.

It won’t happen overnight. It takes time. But eventually your subconscious, through intuition, will answer. And when it does, you will find yourself unable to ignore it.

Your WHY will forever haunt you, night and day, until you have no choice but to surrender to that voice and take action.

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  1. janie braxton says:

    Yes Tom! This is so on the MONEY!! All the examples you gave are part of my WHY I want to be rich…and I feel strong about these WHYS. Keep up this much needed work.

  2. Hi Tom, I discovered that 80% of the example you gave are parts of the reasons”I want to be rich”. It make me feel am on the right track on my WHYS. Thank you for being an inner witness to me.

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