Optimism Creates Wealth – Pessimism Creates Poverty


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A paper published by the University of Cologne in Germany in the May 2015 Journal of Personality and Psychology, in which more than 68,000 Americans and Europeans were studied, found that pessimism causes poverty.

The study noted that pessimism makes you wary of trusting others. It went on to argue that when you see people in a pessimistic light – untrustworthy, self-interested and deceitful – you are less likely and less willing to rely on others.

Those in the study who were the most pessimistic, also happened to be the poorest. If you are wary about trusting others, you’re likely to have a lower income now and in the future, the study concluded.

Conversely, those in the study who were optimistic, had a more trusting view of others and a higher income than the pessimists. Pessimists miss out on opportunities because they are less likely to ask for help and less likely to collaborate with others.

No one succeeds on their own. I’ve written about this often. You need apostles to your cause. You need others who believe in your cause in order to succeed. It is virtually impossible to succeed on your own.

The most successful self-made millionaires in my Rich Habits Study had a dedicated team behind them. They also happened to be the most optimistic people to work with. Their unbridled optimism was like a magnet, attracting like-minded, optimists to their cause.

If you’re a pessimist, you are literally sabotaging your life. You are pushing away the very people you need in order to succeed.

The good news is that pessimism is just a habit. You can change your mindset from negative to positive.

Here’s how: Detox Your Brain

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  1. Hey Tom,
    Can you please clarify the difference between Optimistic and Realiist…I use to be a optimistic person then Reality happened and now I’m a Realist !
    So now I’m 1/2 Pessimist – 1/2 Optemist = Realist

    Please clarify – Bambi

  2. FYI: Do you realize there’s a strikethrough through the link to the Detox post? In turn, that link takes you to “Page Not Found.”

  3. Hi Tom detox your brain has a broken link
    Cannot access the page

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