6 Toxic Health Habits


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Most disease is self-inflicted.

Poor lifestyle habits can, over time, overwhelm the body’s ability to repair itself. In effect, your rain barrel fills up and then overflows, resulting in disease.

When you engage in poor lifestyle habits, your immune system becomes chronically activated and the DNA within the cells of your body become damaged. This chronic activation is known as inflammation.

When your immune system becomes overwhelmed, when your rain barrel overflows, it loses its ability to do its job and this overflow results in disease.

There are six Toxic Health Habits that cause your rain barrel to fill up and overflow:

  1. Over Eating – When you over eat, your body stores the excess calories, and the toxins from excess food, in fat cells throughout the body. Over eating is a habit, something you have 100% control over.
  2. Eating Too Much Junk Food – Any food you consume that is high in calories and low in nutritional value, is junk food. Think of all processes foods as junk food. Alcohol is a junk food. Eating too much junk food is a habit, something you have 100% control over.
  3. Excessive Toxic Exposure – When you eat many of today’s manufactured or grown food products, you are also consuming toxins in the form of additives, preservatives or pesticides. What you eat is a habit, something you have 100% control over.
  4. Chronic Stress – Chronic stress produces cortisol, which depresses the immune system, leading to disease. It is triggered by constant worry, anxiety and fear. Worry about your job, anxiety about money, worry about your health, your family, etc. Worry, anxiety and fear is a thinking habit that you can, to a large extent, control.
  5. Physical Inactivity – Daily exercise improves your health, boosts your immune system and optimizes brain health and performance. When you do not exercise, you forgo all of the benefits daily exercise produces.
  6. Inadequate Sleep – Sleeping between 7-8 hours a day is critical to good health. When you sleep, the body’s janitorial crew, the lymphatic crew and the cerebrospinal fluid crew go to work to clean all of the cells in the body. If you do not get enough sleep, your janitorial crew is unable to complete the job.

Maintaining good health is one of the few things you have absolute control over. You maintain your good health by forging good health habits. You destroy your health by adopting bad health habits.

As I found in my research, habits dictate the circumstances of your life, health and otherwise.

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