Sisyphus – Just Another Name For Entrepreneur


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Sisyphus was a mythical Greek king who was condemned for eternity by the gods, Zeus and Hades, to push a large rock up a steep hill, only to find it rolling back as he neared the top.

Success takes a long time. According to my Rich Habits research, the average self-made millionaire pursuing a dream, took twelve years to achieve success.

Day after day, month after month and year after year, the dreamer-entrepreneur struggles to overcome a parade of obstacles, problems, pitfalls, reversals, cash flow shortages, and so many other things.

They face constant rejection, unanswered voicemails and ignored emails. Bankers turn down their requests for money. New clients or customers come hard, while they are simultaneously trying to build their brand, their team and fine tuning their product or service offering to meet the needs and wants of their still evolving target market.

Being an entrepreneur often feel like Sisyphus, going at it every day, hoping one day their ball will reach the summit of their hill.

The ones who simply refuse to quit on their dreams, eventually succeed in pulling everything together – brand, team, target market and product.

When the pieces all fall into place, their ball stays on top of their hill, and their days of feeling like Sisyphus are forever in their rear view mirror

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  1. Johanna Hughes says:

    Encouraging. Thank you!

  2. Hey Tom,
    So I’m a NYC Real Estate Broker and works for myself . I’m 55yrs…So if I stay focused and stay on my grid for 12yrs I should be RICH!!!! In time for retirement age….I CAN DO THAT!!!

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