Setting Low Expectations Keeps You From Quitting On Your Dream


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When you pursue a dream, it is an emotional roller coaster ride. You will experience many ups and downs – but mostly downs, especially in the early stages.

Too many unmet expectations will lead to a feeling of hopelessness and result in a negative mental outlook. This negativity is like a cancer that eats away at your confidence and mental toughness. If a negative mental outlook takes root, it can become emotionally too much to bare, causing you to raise the white flag and quit on your dream.

Conversely, if you set low expectations and exceed them, this increases your confidence and strengthens your positive mental outlook, infusing you with optimism, enthusiasm and an overall sense that you are moving forward towards the realization of your dream.

One of the things I learned in my research and in this Rich Habits journey I’m on is that achieving success is contingent on maintaining a positive mental outlook.

Setting low expectations will keep your emotions on an even keel and allow you to keep moving forward on your dreams.

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  1. Dear Thomas,

    This is such a true article. I set very high expectations for a dream I was pursuing and when I didn’t get the results I was hoping for, when I was expecting them, I crushed myself with feelings of anger, worthlessness, and self loathing. I had been very hopeful, using what I thought was faith, and trying to be positive in spite of some let downs. I blamed God for not helping me while it seems as though He helps others.

    Now, I am having a hard time even building up the courage to pick it back up or anything else for that matter. It’s as though I’ve regressed in my own personal journey.

    What do you suggest I do to get back on the path and continue working on my dreams? Any advice for the self crushed?

    Thank you

    • Do you still believe in your dream? Do you still think about your dream 24/7? If yes, then baby step your way back into your efforts. Tomorrow spend just 30 minutes writing about how you are going to bring your dream back to life. Write about your plan. What activities will you commit to over the next six months. Set some future deadline for engaging in those activities:
      Example – By September 30, 2019 I will have done the following:
      Then list each activity. Also, list each goal you will pursue during the next six months. Those goals need to be realistic.
      Also, write about the mistakes and false assumptions you made. List each one. Then write what you learned from each mistake and create more realistic assumptions.

  2. Sir you have written as though you have read our minds. Its really true what you have written.

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