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I never had a success mentor. Like most, I had to figure things out on my own. In my case it was through the School of Hard Knocks and by reading books.

But, still I longed for a success mentor; someone I could learn from and who could guide me in making the right decisions in life.

So, in the absence of having a success mentor, I created my own. I even gave him a name – JC Jobs.

JC Jobs is the main character in three of my books, Rich Habits, Rich Kids and my latest unpublished manuscript, Rich Neighbor Poor Neighbor.

Through my books, JC evolved into my success mentor. Whenever I am unsure about what I should do, I ask myself, “what would JC do?”

JC Jobs is the future, ideal version of Tom Corley. He is who I intend to become, before I die.

Everyone needs their own version of JC Jobs in their life.

And here’s the great news – you can create your own personal JC Jobs.

Here’s the process:

Step #1 – Describe Your Ideal, Future Life

Pretend it’s June 12, 2039, twenty years into the future, and you are writing in your Journal. In 2039 your life is amazing. Everything you ever wanted to be, do or have has come true.

In your June 12, 2039 Journal, I want you to write about what your amazing life looks like. Be specific and detailed down to the color of the rugs in your amazing house, what your backyard Irish Pub looks like, where you dock your mini-yacht, how much money you make, how much you’re worth, etc.

I also want you to describe the amazing person you are in 2039.

What superior knowledge and skills do you have? What successful people do you associate with? What does your body look like? What good do you do with your wealth? What are your outstanding traits?

After you’re done describing your future, amazing life, the next thing I want you to do is to describe the journey.

Step #2 – Describe The Journey

What happened,? What did you do over the past twenty years that made your new, amazing life possible?

Describe the big changes you made to your life: changes in the way you made money, changes in the way you saved and invested money, the dreams and goals your pursued and realized, etc.

When you are done with this little exercise, you will have created your very own version of JC Jobs – your own personal success mentor – someone you can look up to and who can guide you in life.

If there’s a best version of yourself, why not let that best version be your success mentor?

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