Yesterday is Really Your Only Competition


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If you ask any business owner or business executive, they should be able to rattle off a list of their main competitors.

In small companies, most of your competition is local, maybe even regional.

Large companies compete with other industry leaders, trying to coax market share away from a handful of other large companies.

In reality, however, there is only one rival you should be competing with – Yourself. Or should I say, your “Yesterday-Self”.

The exceptional are focused on competing with their “Yesterday-Self”, rather than some business competitor. These special individuals recognize this as the true path towards unlimited success.

When you shift your focus from external competition to internal competition (yourself), you seek out and engage in activities that push you to become better; that force you to improve.

That daily desire to improve eventually transforms into a Rich Habit, and when it does, most of the competition melts away – unable to keep pace.

Daily self-improvement automates growth and puts you on the path to becoming a Virtuoso at whatever it is you do.

It’s hard to compete against Virtuoso’s and, besides, there are fewer of them at the top of the mountain.

The more you grow in knowledge and skills, the better you become at what you do. The better you become at what you do, the more value you’re able to provide to your customers/clients. And those who provide the most value, the Virtuoso’s, get paid the most money.

Individuals who devote themselves to improving every day, don’t really have to worry about their competition. It’s too hard to keep up with someone who gets better every day.

There really isn’t any competition for those intent on being better than they were yesterday.

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