Do You Spend or Invest Your Time?


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When most people think of risk, they think of it in terms of some financial investment they make: investing money in a new business, investing in stocks, mutual funds, bonds etc., the lottery, or lending someone money.

But financial risk is not the greatest risk. You can always earn more money. Money comes and goes, as they say.

The greatest risk you take is time.

When you devote time to anything, that time is lost forever. Time never gets renewed or returned.

Those who do not value time, spend it.

Many people spend their time by engaging in wasteful activities – watching T.V., reading/posting on Facebook, viewing kitten videos on YouTube, drinking at a bar for hours, laying in bed or some other non-productive activity.

Time spenders don’t begin to value time until they get older and time begins to run out.

Those who were taught to value their time, invest it.

Time Investors go by many names – Successful people, self-made millionaires, Virtuoso’s, the healthy or physically fit, executives, entrepreneurs, teachers, etc.

Those who understand the value of time, invest their time wisely by pursuing dreams/goals, reading to become more knowledgeable in their job or profession, practicing their skills until they become a Virtuoso, building Rich Relationships or creating a legacy that benefits others.

Any investment you make of your time should pay dividends down the road in some meaningful way – increased happiness events, financially security, fewer financial worries, longevity, a legacy that benefits future generations or helps improve the lives of others.

When you see time as the greatest risk of all, it will force you to become more aware of exactly how you use it.

Are you spending your time or are you investing it?

Invest it wisely, because you will never get it back.

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