The Uber Wealthy Love What They Do For a Living


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How many of you honestly love what you do for a living?

By “love”, I mean:

  • You look forward to getting to work, as soon as you open your eyes in the morning.
  • You’re excited and pumped up about the day ahead.
  • You often think about how lucky you are to be doing what you’re doing.
  • There isn’t anything you would rather do for a living.

OK, so you’re not in the “I love my job” camp. But, you also don’t hate your job. In fact, you actually like what you do for a living.

How many of you are in that camp – the  “I like my job” camp?

In my five year Rich Habits Poor Habits Study, one glaring statistic that I found very interesting related to this very topic.

86% of the wealthy in my study said that they liked their job, while only 7% said they loved their job.

How about the poor in my study?

97% of the poor said that they did not like their job and 58% said they actually hated their job.

Probably the most interesting thing about the job satisfaction data I gathered in my study was how it was directly correlated to how much money you made and how much wealth you accumulated.

Those wealthy 7% who loved their job earned the most income every year and had a net liquid worth that was more than twice that of the wealthy who merely liked their job.

When it came to the poor, those who hated their jobs made, on average, $12,000 less than the poor who simply did not like their jobs.

That $12,000 worked out to an almost 40% difference in earnings.

Clearly, there is a financial cost to hating what you do for a living.

What this data makes clear is that if you want to have any shot at becoming rich, you’ve got to at least like what you do for a living.

Hating what you do for a living almost certainly means you will struggle financially in life.

Loving your job and having passion for your job, it seems, are joined at the hip.

The wealth in my study who said they loved what they did for a living, also said that they were very passionate about their job and that that passion gave them seemingly unlimited energy. As a result, they were able to work longer hours and this work ethic enabled them to perform at the highest levels, adding value to those they served.

When you love what you do for a living, you have essentially hit the lottery. You will make more money and accumulate more wealth than those who don’t feel the same way about what they do to earn a living.

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