Beware the Dependent Mindset


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A very big part of living a happy life is surrounding yourself with the right type of people.

Who are the right type of people?

They are what I like to call, Rich Relationships.

There are two telltale signs of someone who qualifies as a Rich Relationship:

  1. Positive Outlook – They possess an upbeat, positive outlook on life. They seem to be perpetually optimistic and forward-looking.
  2. Emotionally Stable – They are in complete control of their emotions. Their emotions are on an even keel. They do not have wild swings in their emotions – happy one day, depressed the next day. They don’t get overly excited when things go right or wrong with their lives.

Your #1 goal in life should be to surround yourself with these Rich Relationship types.

Your #2 goal should be to exorcise from your life those individuals who are Toxic.

Toxic Relationships have many negative characteristics. I’ve written about the traits to be on the lookout for here: Toxic Traits –

But the most dangerous and destructive Toxic Relationships are those who have a Dependent Mindset.


Those with a Dependent Mindset constantly seek out favors. They abuse your time and your bank account. The worst trait of those with a Dependent Mindset is that they develop a sense of entitlement – they expect you to continue to bail them out in life.

What makes them the worst of the worst is their reaction when you finally catch on to their habitual shakedown scheme and cut them off. That is when they bite the hand that feeds them, and turn against you.

They will spread false gossip about you to friends, family and acquaintances.

They will attack you and anyone within your inner circle.

They will perform evil deeds in an effort to punish you and those you love.

Beware of the Dependent Mindset. Be very circumspect whenever someone comes looking for a handout. They may be setting you up to be their next victim.

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