Gold-Plated Relationships Are Fundamental to Success


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Relationships are the currency of the wealthy.

Wealthy, successful people are very particular about who they associate with. Their goal is to develop relationships with other success-minded individuals. What I like to call, Rich Relationships.

When a wealthy, successful person stumbles upon someone who they believe possess a similar success mindset, they go to work seeking to build a strong relationship with that special someone. Their goal is to transform these relationships into Gold-Plated Relationships.

How do millionaires create Gold-Plated Relationships?

They help them become successful using a number of strategies:

  1. Referral Source – They refer quality clients or customers to their budding Rich Relationship.
  2. Door Opener – They tap their inner circle of powerful Influencers to help open doors. These Influencers might be bankers, potential customers, industry power brokers, distributors, suppliers, Virtuosos, college deans (kids), senior executives at publicly-help companies seeking interns (kids), etc. They open doors to help improve the business and personal lives of their newly minted Gold-Plated Relationship.
  3. Mentorship – The rich offer guidance and advice to help their new relationship avoid mistakes, pitfalls and potential problems in their business. They offer advice and wisdom in helping them grow their business. The teach them proven processes that the millionaires use themselves. They help them focus on the right paths to take, saving them time and money.
  4. Funding – The rich will help them secure funding for a dream, their struggling start-up, or money to help them grow and expand their existing business.

This Giving First Doctrine is very effective in forging Gold-Plated Relationships.

The rich understand that by giving first, their new relationship will feel compelled to reciprocate, in some way (called Law of Reciprocity).

The rich also understand that by giving first, their new relationship will become their biggest cheerleader, a valued external salesperson and an enthusiastic referral source.

Success is a process. Knowing and duplicating the processes millionaires use to help them achieve success, helps minimize mistakes and removes the trial and error of your success journey.

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