To Do or Not To Do – That is the Question


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We’ve all heard about To-Do Lists.

The best To-Do Lists incorporate daily activities that help you move yourself forward in life towards accomplishing your goals and realizing your dreams. A To-Do List is a powerful tool that helps you to focus on what to do.

But To-Do Lists only get you half way down the field. To get down the rest of the field and score, you must avoid distractions and time wasters. You must be wary of doing things which will hold you back in life.

This is where an equally powerful tool comes to the rescue. It’s called a To-Don’t List.

A To-Don’t List is a list of things you should avoid doing, because they are either time wasters, bad habits or things that hold you back from achieving your goals or realizing your dreams.

A typical To-Don’t List might include the following:

  • I did not watch more than 1 hour of TV today.
  • I did not waste time today on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.
  • I did not allow any negative emotions to consume me today.
  • I did not make any impulse purchases today.
  • I did not gossip today.
  • I did not listen to gossip today.
  • I did not gamble today.
  • I did not drink in excess today.
  • I did not lose my temper today.
  • I did not ignore my family today.
  • I did not read negative news articles today.
  • I did not procrastinate today.
  • I did not ridicule anyone today.
  • I did not hate anyone today.
  • I did not smoke a cigarette today.
  • I did not eat unhealthy today.

To-Don’t Lists are just as important as To-Do lists.

For those who have a lot of bad habits, they may be more important. To-Don’t Lists help keep you aware of the things you should not be doing.

Knowing what not to do is just as important in achieving success as knowing what to do. To-Do’s, while a great success tool, only get you half way there. To-Don’ts take you the rest of the way.

What would be on your To-Don’t List? Take your life to the next level. Start a To-Don’t List today.

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