How To Create Positive Outcomes and Prevent Negative Outcomes


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Those who are mired in negativity, have negative expectations. When you expect bad things to happen, you increase the odds of negative things happening.

Conversely, those with a positive mental outlook, have positive expectations. Positive expectations increase the odds that good things will happen.

Why is this so?

We all have something called the Reticular Activating System (RAS). The RAS, in concert with the Insula and Thalamus, work behind the scenes searching for opportunities or triggers in the environment that will help you realize your expectations.

When you have negative expectations, the RAS, Insula and Thalamus seek out negative opportunities in your environment, alert you to their existence, and this shifts your focus to those negative triggers, cueing you to take action  – action that will help manifest, or bring to life, the negative expectations you seek.

When you have positive expectations, the RAS, Insula and Thalamus seek out positive opportunities in your environment, and stimulate you to take action on those opportunities – action that will help manifest the positive expectations you seek.

The law of attraction, therefore, is a physiological reality. Your thoughts are not actually attracting good or bad opportunities, but rather opening your eyes and prodding you to focus on them.

So, if bad things keep happening to you, don’t just chalk it up to random bad luck. It may be bad luck you are creating due to your negative expectations.

This is why it is critical to forge the Rich Habit of thinking good thoughts and expecting positive outcomes. Positive thoughts and positive expectations put your RAS, Insula and Thalamus to work for you and not against you.

When you set big goals or pursue a dream, this reprograms your RAS, Insula and Thalamus to go to work seeking out opportunities in your environment that will help you to achieve your goals and dreams.

In short, what you expect, you get. If you expect bad things, bad things will happen. If you expect good things, good things will happen.

If you allow yourself to think negative thoughts, those thoughts become seeds that will bear the fruit of negative consequences.

If you make a habit of thinking positive thoughts, those thoughts become seeds that will bear the fruit of positive consequences.

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  1. Haroon Saeed says:

    The challenge for some people is that they are conditioned to having negative thoughts due to past experiences or genetic traits. Meditation, diet and exercise can help loosen the grip of these negative thoughts and change your brain wiring. Through deliberate practice, your mental habits can change from being more positive than negative on balance. Negative thoughts still occur but you observe them, let them pass and allow positive thoughts and habits to replace them.

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