Sometimes The Path Chooses You


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Good timing, right place at right time, knowing the right people, things dropping in your lap, opportunity of a lifetime.

Luck is fundamental to success. And to a large extent, not entirely within your control.

The fact is, in many cases there is no behind the scenes, great design responsible for the success of self-made millionaires.

But, what is a common thread of all self-made millionaires, something completely within your control, is taking action, taking a chance – seeing an opportunity and going for it.

Opportunities can come and go. If you do not take action on them, they fade away. Other different opportunities may manifest themselves down the road, but really, there is no second bite at the apple.

The truth is, success depends on jumping on an opportunity when it presents itself.

Sometimes the path chooses you.

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  1. Brett Warren says:

    Great article Tom. I was once told that Luck is when Preparation (something within your control) meets Opportunity.
    Look forward to catching up again in a few months down under!

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