Tip o’ the Morning to Ya – Today’s a Good Day to Write Your Obituary

Rich Habits Word of the Day

Eulogy – Tribute. Tom wrote his own eulogy thirty years before his death as a way of helping him reinvent himself. 

Rich Habits Fact of the Day

Why Did 3% of Harvard MBAs Make Ten Times as Much as the Other 97% Combined?

In 1979, interviewers asked new graduates from the Harvard’s MBA Program and found that :

  • 84% had no specific goals at all
  • 13% had goals but they were not committed to paper
  • 3% had clear, written goals and plans to accomplish them

In 1989, the interviewers again interviewed the graduates of that class.  Here’s what they found: 

  • The 13% of the class who had goals were earning, on average, twice as much as the 84 percent who had no goals at all.
  • Even more staggering – the three percent who had clear, written goals were earning, on average, ten times as much as the other 97 percent put together.

Rich Habit Lesson of the Day

With the new year just a day away, many around the world are focusing on resolutions for the new year. Before you pencil in your first resolution you might want to take a stab at writing your obituary. This exercise forces you to evaluate your current life and gives you an opportunity to re-write your script for the future. What would you like your perfect obituary to say? How would you like the world to remember you? Include all of the things you would like to accomplish in your life. Don’t skimp. List all of the Big Ass Dreams you realized in your life. Your obituary should make you in awe of yourself. Really lay it on. Let it pour forth your greatness and success and paint a picture of the person you would like to be. Let this obituary become the business plan of your life; your future you.

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