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Tom Corley boats - cropConsistency was a hallmark of the self-made millionaires in my Rich Habits Study.

Consistency was often represented by specific habits adopted by these millionaires. These habits were often tailored, or customized by each individual’s need to accomplish something, such as a goal.

They are known as Goal Habits.

Goal Habits are the construction crew used by ordinary individuals in pursuit of a dream. GoalHabits are strategic, consistent actions taken, that, when achieved, move you forward and closer to the realization of an individual dream.

When that one individual dream is realized, a new dream takes its place, and, thus, new Goal Habits are created, specific to your new dream.

Each dream you realize moves you up your ladder of success, until all dreams are realized – at which point you find yourself at the top of your ladder, living the life of your dreams.

The Daily Five Strategy is a great tool to help you automate the goal achievement process.

It’s a simple strategy.

Each day do five small things, activities, that will help move you forward in achieving each singular goal. These five things should take no more than an hour each day to accomplish. If done every day, within short order, you should be able to realize your one goal. Then, you move on to the next goal and so on until all of the goals that pertain to your singular dream are accomplished and the dream is realized.

Achieving any goal is not a linear process. It involves detours, obstacles, and challenges that can never be anticipated. The Daily Five turns you into a human guided missile, a goal-seeking, human guided missile, enabling you to navigate those detours, obstacles and challenges, on a daily basis, until each goal is accomplished.

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