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Tom Corley boats - cropObsession is an unrelenting focus that enables you to overcome all obstacles, pitfalls, setbacks, problems and and any unexpected consequences life throws in your path.

One of the common threads of most of the self-made millionaires in my Rich Habits Study was that they had found their obsession.

The rich were single-mindedly obsessed, typically with achieving a long-term goal or in pursuing a major purpose or dream.

Pursuing a long-term goal, dream or purpose infuses you with a passion that gives you incredible powers of focus and persistence.

You can’t force or fake obsession. You either have it or you don’t. It is almost always the byproduct of pursuing some long-term goal, dream or major purpose in life.

Human beings are goal-seeking drones. We function at an optimum level when we are obsessed with achieving something big in life; something that forces us to stretch, grow and become something different, something better.

Goals and dreams are catalysts for great achievement in life. They enable you to accomplish seemingly super-human feats. They force you to dig deep and, in the process, they introduce you to the amazing person buried deep inside of you. Someone who was there all along.

When you find your obsession, your life will change in unimaginable ways.

Read, explore, experiment. Join a new group. Volunteer. Start a side gig. Step outside your comfort zone into the discomfort zone. That is where you will find your obsession.

Your obsession is out there, patiently waiting for you. It won’t find you. You must find it.

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