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The recent hit job on Tony Robbins by Buzz Feed really took him to task for certain inappropriate behaviors. I won’t get into much of the specifics of that hit piece, but suffice it to say – Tony Robbins ain’t perfect.

No mentors are perfect.

But the good ones, like Tony Robbins, have a powerful message that is so profound, it casts a shadow over their faults, no matter how egregious.

One of the repeat charges in the Buzz Feed article was Tony’s inability to control his sexual urges.

I’ve been giving this Tony Robbins Buzz Feed hit job thing some thought and I believe Tony suffers from something I’ll call Emotions Gone Wild.

I’ve never been to one of Tony’s week-long events but I know quite a few people who have. And they all agree on one thing – the entire week they are exposed to a a highly emotional experience, with Tony leading the emotional charge.

The idea is that by tapping into your emotions during these events, Tony can exorcise your inner demons, allowing you to escape the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Because Tony does many events during any given year, his emotions are constantly amped up.

This effectively takes his Pre-Frontal Cortex offline for long periods of time, which, I believe, has led to behavior that, according to the Buzz Feed article, is inappropriate.

Emotions are very powerful and, if left unchecked, can be very destructive. You must be constantly vigilant in checking your emotions.

Given too much freedom, emotions will take control of your Prefrontal Cortex – your executive command and control center and the place where logic reigns supreme.

When you are controlled by your emotions, it never ends well. Eventually, those emotions will pull you down into a cesspool of poor behavior, your logical brain would never otherwise permit.

This is why controlling your emotions is a Rich Habit.

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