Victims Have No Future


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Victims have a negative mindset fueled by anger.

Anger at fate, anger at the company they work for, anger at their boss, anger at society, anger at government, anger at politicians, anger at anyone who is wealthy and successful.

Victims see themselves as powerless to change their lives.

To medicate their anger by engaging in bad habits that perpetuate the life they despise.

They drink in excess, they take drugs, they defile their bodies through a lack of exercise and unhealthy eating, they spend hours living in the fantasy world TV provides them, and they engage in wasteful brain-numbing activities.

Victims point their finger at everyone but themselves.

When you are a victim, you see nothing good in your future. This negative, pessimistic outlook on life fortifies the circumstances in which they live.

To a large extent, this is most people. To one degree or another, most have a victim mindset.

The exceptional few, that magical 5% I constantly refer to, are able to break free from the limiting belief of blame and victimhood.

This 5% forge Rich Habits that weaken the chains that bind them to their current unhappy circumstances.

These Rich Habits, over many years, eventually break those chains, rewarding them with a happy, healthy and wealthy life.

This 5% are able to break free because they create a very clear, future vision of themselves that is so powerful, it is able to force them to alter their habits, change their thinking, pursue dreams and pursue the goals that make those dreams possible.

When you alter the vision of your future life, you no longer play the victim card.

When you are clear on who you desire to be, you begin to chart a course for your life that completely changes the current circumstances of your life.

Oftentimes, in ways you never expected.

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  1. John Schwager says:

    Very helpful. I think in the third paragraph you meant to say “They medicate” not “to medicate” right? Thanks

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