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You don’t have one Inner Circle. You have many.

Inherited Inner Circle

Most of the people in your Inherited Inner Circle are individuals you did not choose. They have been literally deposited into your life.

  • Family Inner Circle – Everyone has an Inherited Inner Circle. Inside are the members of your immediate and extended family. You have no choice over who is in your Inherited Family Inner Circle. For good or for bad, these individuals will part of your life, from birth to death.
  • Job Inner Circle – For most, who you work with are deposited into this Inherited Inner Circle. So long as you and they continue to work where you work, you will have to contend with these individuals.
  • School Inner Circle – You don’t get to pick your classmates. So, they are part of this circle until you graduate and move on.
  • Neighborhood Inner Circle – You can pick where you want to live, but you can’t choose your neighbors. Once you move into a neighborhood, you inherit your neighbors. These individuals will be part of your Inherited Inner Circle until you or they move out of the neighborhood
  • Club/Group Inner Circle – When you join any club or become part of any group, you inherit the members of that club or group. These include Golf Clubs, Country Clubs, Gyms, Business Groups, Teams, Church/Religious Group, etc.

Insider’s Club

Who you surround yourself with in life will directly and indirectly impact your success. Those who become very successful in life, choose to spend the majority of their time with individuals who lift them up. These are upbeat, optimistic, enthusiastic, positive, success-minded people. They possess the habits, the thinking, the work ethic and the emotional balance you desire.

You want your Insider’s Club to be made up of people with a common purpose and who share your desire to succeed.

Some of those invited into this prestigious club may be people you inherited. Some may be outside your Inherited Inner Circle. The people you invite in, must be individuals who will help you become the person you need to be in order for success to visit you.

Once you’ve created a clear vision of your future, ideal self, that is the time to create your own Insider’s Club. Knowing who you want to be will help you choose the right like-minded people to become part of your Insider’s Club. These individuals will share with you a common vision of the future life you desire.

Members of your Insider’s Club will help pull your cart. They will open doors for you. They will participate in your journey towards success.

Everyone who succeeds in life, has a select group of individuals who participate in their success. If you want to succeed, you need to create your own Insider’s Club. It’s an invitation-only group.

Start your Insider’s Club today. And choose wisely.

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