The Foundation of Success


Tom Corley boats - cropYou want success to take a long time.

The longer you pursue success, the more you will learn from your mistakes and failures. You learn to pivot and become adroit at dealing with the numerous and frequent obstacles that stand between you and success.

Each obstacle you overcome, empowers you with knowledge and experience that can be used to overcome future obstacles. Overcoming obstacles cements the learning, converting the experience into long-term memory.

Those who pursue success for a long time, forge an enviable warehouse of knowledge. That warehouse of knowledge forms a very deep and solid foundation of success that becomes permanent and can withstand any assault.

Upon that foundation, they build their success empire, pivot by pivot, obstacle by obstacle. In time, their foundation of success becomes strong enough to withstand minor setbacks and failures.

Those who seek a shortcut to success forge a weak foundation. Minor setbacks and failures easily obliterate their fragile foundation, forcing them to start over or quit. Most decide to quit.

Success takes time. It’s a process. You cannot short-cut the process and realize long-term success.

When it comes to the pursuit of success, time is not your enemy. Time is your construction crew.

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