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Your brain thinks in pictures.

You are literally visualizing everything about your life in the form of pictures. This neurological picture-making is known as the Law of Visualization.

The Law of Visualization is hard at work, every day.

For those struggling with poverty, the pictures playing inside their brains are of a dismal future. They see obstacles, worries and money problems. They visualize themselves as they currently are – poor and struggling to get by each day.

Their future is their present – a stress-filled dystopia.

Their pictures are negative, pessimistic, unhappy – leaving them feeling hopeless and helpless.

Conversely, those in pursuit of success, see a bright future. A debt-free home, a large bank account, numerous future investments, future travel to exotic places.

The vision of their future is a wonderland of never-ending opportunities and adventure – always positive and upbeat. Their pictures excite them, energize them and motivate them to pursue their dreams and their goals.

You have the power to change your present circumstances.

It begins by changing the movie that is running inside your head. Your future life is dictated by that movie.

The pictures you want to see are those that depict a future of unlimited possibilities.

Make your pictures amazing and your ever-watchful, ever-powerful, subconscious mind will slowly begin to mold a future reality that is consistent with your inner pictures.

See your future, be your future.

Is the movie playing in your head keeping you poor? If you are struggling financially and unhappy about your life, it’s time for a new movie.

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  1. Kathleen Reid Owens says:

    I love ❤️❤️ Your daily emails. I have a network marketing team I an trying to build. I wish you had podcasts or cds they could listen to as most still work regular jobs and have family’s. Is this available but I’m just not finding it?

    Thanks much

  2. Wow! I love this message. This was a great message. Thank you so much for sharing. Keep them coming!
    Tom, do you create a vision board to help you visualize?

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