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I’ve written often about the four different paths the self-made millionaires in my Rich Habits Study followed in accumulating their wealth. Here’s a good overview of those four different paths:

4 Paths to Becoming a Self-Made Millionaire –

One of the four path’s is the Saver-Investor Path.

What makes this path so unique is that it virtually guarantees financial independence without the need to climb the corporate ladder, develop mad skills or take courageous risks.

The only requirements in pursuing this Guaranteed Path to Wealth are two: Time, Consistent Saving and Consistent Investment.


It took Guaranteed Millionaires about 32 years to become wealthy.

Consistent Saving

The savings component requires living below your means and consistently saving 20% or more of your net, take home pay.

Consistent Investment

The investing part requires consistently investing what you save and doing so prudently.

The consistent part means regularly putting your savings to work.

The prudent part requires that you do your homework for every investment and continuously monitor and manage those investments.

There are several vehicles in which the Guaranteed Millionaires in my study invested their savings:

  • Retirement Plans – 401K Plans, 403b Plans, 457 Plans, IRAs, etc.
  • Equities – Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, etc.
  • Real Estate – Rentals, Triple Net Leases, REITs, etc.

The Guaranteed Millionaire Path is available to almost everyone. The key to pursuing this path is living below your means.

In order to live below your means you must create a standard of living where your living costs are 80% or less than your net, take home pay. This requires making sacrifices, working a second job (or side gig) or both.

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