The Obsessed Entrepreneur


Tom Corley boats - cropIn my Rich Habits Study I identified four paths to accumulating wealth:

  1. Saver-Investor Path
  2. Senior Executive Path
  3. Virtuoso Path and
  4. Dreamer-Entrepreneur Path

Those who pursue the Dreamer-Entrepreneur Path begin the journey after discovering some passion – something that makes their heart sing.

Taking action on their passion lead to a fanatical obsession. Obsession endowed these Dreamers with a relentless persistence.

In fact, it took the average Dreamer-Entrepreneur in my study twelve years to realize their dream. That’s a long time to persist at anything.

Passion, followed by action, created obsession which made them appear to be relentlessly persistent.

But it all started with finding some passion and then taking action on that passion.

64% of the rich and successful in my study were obsessed with pursuing one, singular goal. Some spent years, others longer, in pursuing and achieving one major goal.

Realizing your dreams in life requires an obsessiveness that boarders on fanaticism. It must occupy your thoughts when you wake, during the day, at night and even in your dreams.

Persistence results in two things:

  • Some Major Breakthrough – Figuring things out. Some call this an Ah Ha moment.
  • Luck – The persistent eventually get lucky. Luck results in success and its byproduct – wealth.

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  1. I love this advice.
    So many people put so much energy and time into stressing about things.
    Why not obsess about your passion and dream instead? When being totally absorbed in your dream plan, you will forget you ever had anything to stress about. You won’t bother, because your dream is so much more rewarding to think about.

    • Pursue the things you like or love. When you engage in activities that you are innately good at, a strength, the brain sends you a smoke signal in the form of passion or happiness. The brain sends you these signals to let you know what it knows – that you stumbled upon an innate talent.

  2. One cannot lose by being persistent.

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