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New parents are constantly vigilant in protecting their little ones from an innate, powerful curiosity that drives them to put things in their mouths that could be harmful or cause them to choke. Parents even install safety plugs to prevent their toddlers from sticking their curious fingers into outlets.

The words “no” or “bad” are spoken by new parents to their toddlers often in order to prevent this innate curiosity from causing them harm.

But if curiosity can be harmful, why is it so prevalent?

Curiosity is the brain’s default programming. The brain is hardwired, at birth, to be curious.

The human genome preprograms curiosity into every brain in order to encourage learning.

Those who are able to somehow retain their innate, hardwired curiosity, without killing themselves early on, see life as a classroom.

And they thrive.

Those who are the most curious, experience the greatest level of growth. Growth is a prerequisite to success. Those who grow the most, succeed the most.

The successful, grow into the individuals they need to be in order for success to visit them.

Seek out novelty. Never stop learning. Experiment. Meet new people. Take educated risks. Pick up a book and read. Take up a new hobby.

Never stop learning.

Humans are hardwired to be curious for one reason – to learn and to grow.

Those who follow this preprogramming, are rewarded with success.

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