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When you look in the mirror who do you see?

Do you see someone who is confident and certain about the path they are on?

Or, do you see someone who is lost and without direction?

Successful people intentionally shape the course of their lives. They create a blueprint of the life they desire and then work hard every day to turn that blueprint into reality.

In my research, I uncovered nine strategies that the successful people in my Rich Habits Study used to not only help them create a blueprint for every area of their lives, but strategies that also served to inspire them to take action: 

  1. Soul Mate Blueprint – Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with? What kind of person is your soul mate? Are they upbeat, enthusiastic, happy and anxious to succeed in life? In 100 words or less, paint a picture with words, exactly who and what this person is. What they look like; what they do for a living; who their friends are; their type of personality? Describe in intricate detail everything about this person who you will share the rest of your life with.
  2. Career Blueprint – What is your ideal job? How much money do you make? What type of people do you work with? What does your ideal work day look like? What exotic places does your ideal job take you? What skills do you acquire in your perfect career? Once again, try to keep it to 100 words.
  3. Health Blueprint – How much do you weigh? What shape are you in? What do you do to stay in shape? What types of food do you eat that keep you fit and trim? Once again, try to keep it to 100 words.
  4. Family Blueprint – Do you have children? How many? What do they look like? What unique talents do your children possess? Are they happy? Do they play sports? Are they good students? What schools do they attend? 100 words
  5. Home Blueprint – What does your home look like? Where do you live? How big is your home? How much money is it worth? How many rooms does it have? Describe those rooms. Describe your neighborhood. Leave nothing out. 100 words.
  6. Activity Blueprint – In your ideal life, what kind of extracurricular activities do you engage in every day, every weekend, on vacation, etc? These can be hobbies, side businesses or activities that you are passionate about. 100 words.
  7. Wealth Blueprint – What things do you own? What car do you drive? What does your watch look like? How about your clothes? How much money do you have? What investments are in your wealth portfolio? Make a list of each one of your future investments. 100 words.
  8. Dreams and Goals Defined – What dreams have you realized? What goals have you achieved in your ideal, perfect life? What are your accomplishments? Create a victory log of everything you will accomplish in your ideal, perfect life. 100 words.
  9. Big Picture Blueprint – The final strategy requires that you pull it all together. In 1,000 words or less script your ideal life. Spare no details. Identify the specific people, career, health, home, toys, money and goals achieved you want as a part of your life. This big picture will become the blueprint of your life. It will activate the Reticular Activating System in your brain, which will then go to work seeking out the things you desire and it will then draw those things into your life. It will tell you, through intuition, to turn right, left, go forward or turn around. It will tell you to avoid certain people. It will direct you who to work for, where to move, who to marry. 500 or more words.

When you are specific and clear about the life you desire, you toggle on your success switch in your brain – the Reticular Activating System (RAS). The RAS is part of the limbic system. It connects to the Insular, which assists it in its efforts to help you in transforming your blueprint into reality.

With the help of the Insular, your RAS searches your environment for anything and everything that can be used in creating the life you desire. You begin to notice things you didn’t notice before. People and opportunities suddenly appear, as if out of thin air. But they didn’t just appear. They were there all along. You just never noticed before because your RAS was not properly focused.

We are only just realizing the incredible potential of the human brain. When you have a very specific blueprint of every aspect of your life, you gain clarity. This clarity awakens the incredible powers of the RAS and Insular.

Without a blueprint for your ideal, future life, you are flying blind. These strategies act like a toggle switch, turning on certain parts of the brain, which then go to work, behind the scenes, to deliver to you the life you want, the life you deserve and a life that will make you happy and successful.

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