The War For Your Mind


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There is an all out war being waged for control of your mind. It’s a war because so many different factions have joined forces in the hope of altering your thinking, behavior and your habits.

Big consumerist-driven companies seek to brainwash you in an attempt to separate you from your money.

The political establishment seeks to brainwash you in order to get your vote and gain more power.

The media, which now includes Google, Facebook and Twitter, conspires with various special interests in an effort to brainwash you, in order to serve the needs of the various special interests.

Facebook, Snapchat and other social media sites have now become the front line of the war for your mind. Follow the wrong people and you can find yourself adopting the thinking, behaviors and habits of those you follow. Depending on who you follow, this could be good or bad.

You inner circle, unwittingly under the spell of these same special interests, can influence your thinking, behaviors and habits, in a way that serves the needs of these special interest groups.

Every day, your mind is being assaulted. If you drop your guard, meaning, if you are not in control of the content that flows into your brain, those who seek to control your thinking, behavior and habits, will win their war for your mind. You will become just another one of their mind-controlled zombies.

The Rich Habits that will help you defeat the special interests vying for control of your mind are:

  • Self-Awareness – You must force yourself to become aware of the content you habitually consume each day.
  • Rich Relationships – Choose your inner circle very carefully. Those inside this circle should be individuals who share your values and possess the positive thinking and good habits that will help move you forward in the pursuit of your dreams and goals. Your inner circle is your forcefield, preventing you from becoming a zombie to the special interest influencers who are waging a war to control your thinking, behaviors and habits.
  • Avoid Time-Wasters – Minimize how much time you spend: watching junk TV, engaged in junk social media, consuming junk online content, playing time-wasting video games, etc. Control how you spend your time and you can prevent the special interests from gaining control over your thinking, behaviors and habits.
  • Keep An Open Mind – The battle for your mind is won when you embrace and submit to the ideology of these special interests. Ideology is always one-sided thinking. It’s black and white thinking. Right and wrong thinking. Yes and no thinking. Ideology forces you to accept something as dogma, without really knowing if the facts support that dogma. Those who maintain an open mind, do not fall victim to ideologues seeking to control your mind. The special interests out there are unable to brainwash those who maintain an open mind.

Your behavior and habits are influenced by your thinking. Guard your mind as you would guard the lives of your children. Consume content that is in line with your values and which allows you to grow and improve. Seek positive, uplifting content, which helps foster a positive outlook on life.

Positivity is the path to prosperity. Negativity is the path to mediocrity and poverty.

Bad thinking leads to bad behavior and bad habits. Bad behavior and bad habits lead to a bad life.

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