Pivot Until You Reach Your Destination


Tom Corley boats - cropA typical airplane flight is off course 90% of the time during its flight. Pilots and the onboard computer systems continuously focus on the end, the destination, and make constant course corrections during the flight in order to arrive at the destination.

Successful entrepreneurs learn how to pivot – to shift gears, change direction and alter their course or the path they take in order to achieve success. This may be the real secret to their success.

Successful entrepreneurs are successful because they mastered the art of pivoting. Pivoting is what successful entrepreneurs do after they fail to achieve the results they desired.

The key to the art of pivoting is to find out what works and what does not work.

The Pivoting Process

Step #1 Experimentation – Doing things differently and evaluating the results.

Step #2 Documentation – Writing down exactly what worked and what did not work.

Step #3 Formalize a Process – After documenting what to do and what not to do, the next step is to formalize the process – get what works, in writing.

Step #4 Implementation – Institutionalizing the process by implementing it throughout your business organization. This ensures adherence to doing what works and avoiding what does not work.

Step #5 Tweak – Constantly improving upon the process, as the business environment changes.

When the people successful entrepreneurs work with are unable to help move them forward, they find others who can do the job.

When a product or service fails to deliver, successful entrepreneurs pivot, or continuously tweak it, until it succeeds.

They constantly alter what they are doing, find another route and then take that route. They do this over and over again until they realize success, which is the achievement of their goals and realization of their dreams.

Success is a process. A big part of succeeding, as an entrepreneur, is figuring out what works and what does not work and then pivoting.

Keep pivoting until you reach your destination.

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