Good Habits Attract Good Luck


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I have a childhood friend, who was raised in a family of five. His father was a NYC school teacher, at a long ago time when public school teachers did not make much money. His mother was a homemaker. While they were not considered “poor”, they did struggle financially.

This friend of mine worked as a lifeguard during the summers in his high school and college years. He save nearly everything he made and was able to pay for college with those savings.

He worked for three years, after graduating college, in a large, prestigious CPA firm. He lived at home and commuted to NYC and saved a significant amount of his income. He decided to invest his savings in law school.

After graduating NYU law school, again on his own dime, he met his future. wife, who was also paying her way through NYU. Like my friend, she shared his savings Rich Habit. Thanks to frugal living and their savings Rich Habit, my friend was able to buy himself the freedom to leave his big company law position, along with its grueling hours and stress, to take a lower paying job with a smaller, publicly-held company.

After many years of working at this smaller company, it was acquired by a private equity company and my friend received a windfall. That good luck acquisition gave my friend the freedom to retire. He was only 52. All thanks to one Rich Habit – saving.

Good habits create a unique type of good luck called Opportunity Luck. The Opportunity Luck for my friend was the unexpected acquisition of his company. My friend, because of his smart money Rich Habits, was able to make choices that put him in a position to become the recipient of good luck.

One of the individuals in my Rich Habits study had the Poor Habit of spending too much money. In his case, he spent a lot of money gambling. His gambling Poor Habit forced him to liquidate all of the college savings his children had inherited from a deceased Uncle, in order to pay the bills at home. With the loss of that college money, his kids were unable to afford to go to college and became stuck in dead end jobs, as adults.

This person was eventually forced to turn his home over to the bank in foreclosure. He now rents a very small and very inexpensive apartment, alone and all but abandoned by his children. He still gambles what little money he has. His life is miserable and lonely. All thanks to one Poor Habit – gambling.

Bad habits create a unique type of bad luck called Detrimental Luck. The Detrimental Luck event that occurred for the individual in my study was the the foreclosure of his home and the loss of the love and affection of his children.

Habits, good or bad, create luck. The type of luck created depends on your habits. Good habits attract good luck and bad habits attract bad luck.

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  1. Lisa Schreiber says:

    Fascinating information! I will be looking back at my life and the lives of others to find more examples of how these two types of luck have come into play. Thanks!

  2. janie braxton says:

    Tom, you are speaking of the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. Everything is Cause and Effect. No one can get around it. We are all made up of it. Good Habits, Good Effects(Luck), Bad Habits, Bad Effects(Lost). You Reap, what you Sow….what Goes Around….Comes Around( Depending on the causes you make -good or Bad). You have stated the Universal Law by saying “Good Habits, Good Luck….Bad Habits,,,,Bad Luck.” You are so telling the truth. Not only do you give common sense wisdom, but your guidances and research give spiritual wisdom also. Keep up the excellent work. You are truly helping people, and I follow and understand these simple, but profound actions too.

  3. Hear; hear!

    I couldn’t agree more with everything you say.

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