The Persistent Eventually Get Lucky


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There are 4 paths to wealth:

  1. Saver-Investor Path
  2. Senior Executive or Big Company Path
  3. Virtuoso Path
  4. Dreamer or Entrepreneur Path

The Dreamer or Entrepreneur Path is the most difficult, and yet, the most lucrative path.

When entrepreneurs succeed, the rewards are often disproportionate to the investment in money and time. The average self-made Dreamer in my Rich Habits Study accumulated $7.4 million in wealth, which dwarfed the average wealth of each of the other three paths.

The life of the entrepreneur, however, is not for everyone.

Most Dreamers put everything they own on the line – their life savings, their retirement savings, the equity in their homes.

The enormous investment they make, is not only money.

They must also invest their time, which affects their relationships – family and friend time is sacrificed during the pursuit of their dream.

Probably the greatest burden these Dreamers must shoulder, on an almost daily basis, is the uncertainty that their investment will pay off. This uncertainty causes chronic stress.

Chronic stress, if not diffused through good health habits, will depress your immune system and invite in all sorts of diseases, impairing your health (This is one of the reasons why I spend so much time expounding on the need to forge good health habits).

So, another investment Dreamers must make, is maintaining good health, especially during their success journey. Good health keeps you in the game – you can’t achieve your goals and realize your dreams, laying in a hospital bed.

One common theme that kept repeating itself in the many stories told to me by my Dreamers, was how important luck was to their success.

For many, they couldn’t escape the feeling that their fate was in the hands of certain variables that were outside their control. They often felt as if they were sitting on a wall, dependent on the winds of fate for their success. And success, for too many of my self-made entrepreneurs, was very much dependent on which way that wind blew.

I learned from my Dreamers that the key to good luck was survival – surviving the roller coaster ride long enough, until good luck finally arrived.

This is why I consider those who succeed as an entrepreneur, heroic. What makes them heroic is how they react when the winds blow the wrong way and they find themselves face down on the wrong side of the wall. It happens to almost every successful entrepreneur. There are very few exceptions.

The successful entrepreneurs, the ones we call self-made millionaires, somehow find the resilience to climb back onto the wall. They persevere. They survive. Those who are able to do this, over and over again despite all of the adversity, are able to survive until the winds of fortune finally blow their way.

The persistent, eventually get lucky.

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