Don’t Treat Your Assets Like Liabilities


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We all have assets. Some are obvious, like a home, a business, money, investments.

But others are not as obvious.

Your spouse is an asset. Your children are assets. Your friends, are assets. The people you work with are assets.

When you are your spouses biggest cheerleader, when you love them unconditionally, you are treating your spouse like an asset. When you demean, or treat your spouse as if they were incompetent, ignorant or worthless, you are treating one of your most important assets as if it were a liability.

When you encourage and support your children and act as a success mentor to them, you are treating them as assets. When you berate and yell at them too often, you are treating them as liabilities.

When you stay in constant contact with your friends, lift them up when they fall, devote time to maintaining and building relationships with them, you are treating your friends like an asset. When you ignore your friends, belittle them, gossip about them or hurt them is any way, you are treating one of your most important assets as if they were a liability.

When you treat the people you work with, with respect and appreciation, you are treating them like assets. When you treat them poorly and undermine them, you are treating one of your most important assets as if they were a liability.

When you have an asset, you should devote a lot of time and money preserving, nurturing and growing it. Those who occupy your inner circle are your greatest assets and need to be treated as such.

Don’t treat your assets like liabilities.

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  1. Lisa Schreiber says:

    A very valuable message, Tom! I think the world would be a happier and better place if we all used it as a major guiding principle in our lives.

  2. Katharina says:

    Thanks for another great post. Everybody needs to read this post, as too often, people do exactly the opposite – fail to value the real assets in their lives. Just because they don’t come with price tickets doesn’t mean they should be taken for granted or worse, demeaned and disrespected.

  3. David Bigelow says:

    Such a great perspective. Thank you!

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