Bragging is a Toxic Poor Habit


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Bragging is an attempt to portray yourself in a positive light.

Why do people want others to see them in a positive light?

Most people are not where they would like to be in life. Deep down, they are actually disappointed about themselves and their lives. They know they are not doing what is required in order to succeed. But, they don’t want others to know that. They want others to see them as a better version of who they actually are.

Wealthy, self-made people don’t brag. What’s to brag about? Most spent the better part of their adult lives slogging through adversity. To them, they don’t see the crown on their head, others see. What they do see, instead, are the bruises and battle wounds acquired during their long, arduous journey towards success.

The endless adversity they had to face and overcome left permanent scars in their brain matter. The reality is that the memory of the pursuit of success was ugly, stressful, unpleasant and nothing to brag about.

Wealthy, successful people do not brag because they have a positive perception of themselves, born of adversity, and they do not require any endorsement or validation from others. The fact that they faced adversity and overcame it, validates their self-worth.

Bragging is a Toxic Poor Habit. It germinates from a negative mental outlook. Anyone who brags is wallowing in a negative mindset and negative thinking is one of the paths that leads to poverty.

If a bragger somehow enters your inner circle, push them out. They won’t add any value to your life. In fact, they will have a negative influence on you and anyone else who is part of your inner circle.

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  1. I was thinking of a person who is in the news multiple times a day and how he brags about everything. I’m pretty sure your descriptions of such a person are very accurate.

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