12 Strategies to Jump Start Positive Thinking


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Your beliefs about yourself can propel you to success and wealth or anchor you to failure and poverty.

“I’m not smart”, “I have bad luck”, “I was born poor and poor people don’t get rich”, “I can’t (fill in the blank nonsense)” will anchor you in failure.

If you want to re-tune your brain for success you need to start by wiping out those negative beliefs and replace them with positive beliefs.

Below are 12 strategies that will jump start your positive thinking:

  1. Make a list of all of your wishes and dreams.
  2. Write a future letter to yourself. This letter sets forth the incredible, ideal life you have five years from now. You write it as if it were the present. Don’t hold back. Describe the house you live in, the car you drive, the ideal job you have etc.
  3. Write your obituary. Describe the incredibly successful life you lived. List all of your accomplishments and successes. Paint a picture of the perfect life you left behind.
  4. Set one big goal that will help you realize the ideal life you described in the future letter and obituary.
  5. Create a vision board. This is a picture of all of the things you have in your future life. The house by the beach, the RV, the boat, plane, Rolex watch etc.
  6. Create daily affirmations that are tied to your new big goal and the future you. Affirmations act like computer software programming on the brain. They need to be in the present tense and represent a future state. Example: “I am a successful podcaster”, “I love living in my Jersey shore house”, “I enjoy traveling to Hawaii for speaking engagements”.
  7. Meditate every day. Start out by meditating for just 60 seconds upon waking up in the morning or right before bedtime. This will soon become a daily habit. Try to build up to 2-3 minutes twice a day. When you meditate, visualize your ideal life and all of your goals and wishes coming true.
  8. Practice gratitude every day. Being thankful for what you have sends a message to your brain that you like getting things. Your brain will then go to work seeking out more things for you to be grateful for.
  9. Practice optimism. Start looking at the positive aspects of your life and stop focusing on the negative. Negative thinking programs your mind into believing you will fail. Practiced optimism reprograms your brain. Your brain will now go to work seeking out more things to be positive and optimistic about. It opens your eyes to opportunities that will make you more successful.
  10. Learn to live in the present and don’t allow worries to intrude. If you allow worries to occupy your mind while on vacation, at the beach, at a family party etc.,  you will have lost that happiness event forever.
  11. Maintain a victory log. This is a log in which you list any success, big or small. Keep it close to you. Get in the habit of success thinking. You do this by focusing on your successes and not your failures. The victory log will help you become success conscious.
  12. Reward yourself each time after logging in a success on your victory log. The brain likes the feeling of being rewarded. It likes it so much it will re-tune your RAS into seeking more victories in life.

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