If You Want To Be Rich You Need To Stop Thinking Like a Poor Person


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Habits are stored throughout the brain and controlled by a section of the limbic system called the Basal Ganglia.

This golf ball size mass of tissue smack in the center of the brain, saves the brain work. There is very little processing power involved with respect to habits. When a habit is formed, those habit brain cells kick in without any need for motivation, discipline, enthusiasm, or prodding.

Here’s the shocking statistic –  40 – 45% of all of our daily activities are habits. This means that 40 – 45% of the time we are all on auto pilot. We are thinking and doing things without the rest of the brain even being aware of the activity. We don’t truly understand how significant habits are in our daily lives.

Any mental thought, often repeated, becomes a habit. Poor people are poor and rich people are rich because of the way they habitually think. Habitual thinking comes first and habitual activities follow.

If you habitually think in a certain way, you will habitually act in a certain way.

Greatness requires great thoughts – to become rich, you have to think great thoughts.

To avoid poverty, you have to avoid Poverty Thinking.

How Poor People Think:

  • 87% of poor people think you must be intellectually gifted in order to become wealthy
  • 90% of poor people think fate determines your wealth or poverty in life
  • 87% of poor people do not believe they will be anything but poor
  • 80% of the poor believe the rich have superior genes, or DNA
  • 82% of the poor think they are not the cause of their poverty – someone else is to blame
  • 77% of the poor believe the rich lie in order to become wealthy
  • 90% of the poor think rich people are rich because their parents were rich and they inherited most of their money
  • 78% of poor people are not optimistic
  • 95% of poor people believe rich people are bad, greedy, lazy and dishonest
  • 52% of poor people believe wealth is accidental – a matter of dumb luck

How Rich People Think:

  • 90% of rich people believe IQ has little to do with success
  • 90% of rich people do not believe in fate
  • 43% of rich people believed they were going to be rich
  • 94% of the rich believe genes are irrelevant to success
  • 79% of the rich believe they are the cause of their financial success
  • 85% of the rich believe honesty is a prerequisite to success
  • 95% of the rich believe most millionaires are self-made
  • 54% of rich people think optimism is important to success
  • 78% of rich people think that rich people are good, hardworking and honest
  • Only 4% of rich people believe wealth is accidental – a matter of dumb luck

If you want to become wealthy you need to stop thinking like a poor person and start thinking like a rich person.

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  1. Concise, clear and well written article. With you Thomas, learning how to succeed is easy. My job is to implement what you teach.

  2. Love this article. I agree with the poster above clear & concise. Do you mind expounding on the point about “85% of the rich believe honesty is a prerequisite to success”. Can you explain? Honesty in what sense?

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