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When you give 100%, you are seeking to meet the expectations of others.

When you consistently meet expectations, you keep those you do business with or interact with satisfied. They will be unlikely to leave you for someone else.

When you give 110%, you are exceeding the expectations of others.

Example: Your old newspaper delivery boy/girl dropped your newspaper off on your driveway. But your new delivery boy/girl drops your newspaper off at your front door.

How do you think you would you feel?

When you consistently exceed the expectations of others, you Wow them. Not only will they continue to do business or interact with you, they will tell others about you.

When you give 110%, you become a story that must be told.

The key to giving 110% is to establish an expectations baseline at the beginning of every interaction. This baseline represents the most likely, realistic, agreed-upon outcome – one everyone is satisfied with.

By creating an expectations baseline at the beginning, you shrewdly tee yourself up to Wow others when you exceed those expectations.

Consistently exceeding expectations, boosts trust and confidence others have in you.

This is why giving 110% is a Rich Habit.

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