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Almost every day I take the same route to work at the same time. And, every day, for the most part, I see the same cars.

Most are your run of the mill average-priced non-luxury cars. But, a good percentage of them are luxury cars. Probably north of 10% of the cars I see during my commute are luxury cars.

There’s this one luxury car, a Mercedes Benz GLE SUV, that I see frequently. The price range on this car is between $50,000 – $70,000. A pretty expensive car.

About six months ago, I noticed the driver had used clear boxing tape in order to keep the rear left light section from falling off. I see this makeshift tape repair job almost every day during my commute to work.

I have a few auto repair and auto body clients in my CPA business. So, I asked them what it might cost to repair something like this. The repair bill is not over the top – something in the range of $250 for the run of the mill car. However, because it’s a Mercedes, the repair bill would be somewhat higher, probably around $350.

So, why doesn’t the driver just bring it to the repair shop and get it fixed? I mean, if you’re driving such a beautiful high-end luxury car, wouldn’t you want to keep it looking beautiful?

According to my auto repair and auto body clients, the #1 reason people put off repairs is because they cannot afford it.

There are posers out there – people just getting by, posing as a rich people. They want others to perceive them as rich and successful, so they buy expensive watches, expensive clothes, expensive shoes, expensive houses and expensive cars.

Many of the wealthy in my Rich Habits Study did not own luxury cars, or luxury homes, own luxury watches, etc. The uber-rich in my study did, but they are a different breed of wealthy. The uber-rich buy their luxury items with the passive income generated from the assets they own.

There are very few uber-rich out there. Less than 1% of the population is uber-rich.

There are, however, far more luxury cars on the streets then there are uber-rich people who can afford them.

Clearly, people who are not uber-rich are the ones buying many of these luxury cars.

Posers are people pretending to be rich. They live paycheck to paycheck. They struggle financially. They are deep in debt. Their lives are a financial mess.

So, the next time you see someone driving an expensive car, don’t automatically envy them. In all likelihood, they are posers.

They should not be envied. They should be pitied.

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  1. The world is full of them.
    That’s why that companies prosper. Because of these types of people.

  2. Nice Tom. The Millionaire next door is a great now old book based on this very topic.

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