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I am very close to someone who is a self-made millionaire. I always love our get-togethers because he has such an upbeat, inquisitive mind.

He’s confided in me several times that he is curious about everything. His curiosity, based on my extensive research of self-made millionaires, is one of the many reasons he is worth north or south of $20 million.

My friend and I have known each other for about thirty years. To this day, almost every time we get together, talk on the phone or exchange emails, he picks my brain and asks me questions. I always come away from our “get-togethers” feeling as if I am smart. After all, this very wealthy individual is picking my brain.

But, in reality, he’s the smart one. Asking questions allows my self-made millionaire-friend to efficiently acquire knowledge so that he can keep growing and improving.

Interestingly, the myth is that smart people don’t ask questions. Rather, they get asked questions.

So, the common misconception, perpetrated by this myth, is that if someone asks a lot of questions, they must need to because they’re not that smart or knowledgeable.

In reality, asking questions is a common success trait and an indication that you are smart.

Why is asking questions so important to success?

Questions lead to feedback. Getting feedback from your colleagues, supervisors, staff, clients, customers, business partners, or anyone, helps you grow and improve.

Continuous self-improvement was one of the hallmarks of the successful, wealthy individuals in my Rich Habits Study.

If you typically avoid asking questions and seeking feedback, you are letting fear control your life. Fear is a Poverty Emotion that holds you back from being successful and wealthy.

Thus, fear of feedback is a Poor Habit and seeking Feedback is a Rich Habit.

Lastly, you can save a lot of time in learning new information by asking questions. Why read a book when all you have to do is pick the brain of someone who already read the book? Asking questions is the efficient way to learn.

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