How Long is Too Long?


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Success takes a long time. How long it takes to become wealthy depends on the path you’ve chosen. There are 4 wealth paths available to everyone, which I’ve written about many times ( 4 Paths to Becoming a Self-Made Millionaire –

  • The Saver/Investor Path will take you about 32 years to accumulate enough to be considered “wealthy”.
  • The Big Company Senior Executive Path will take you about 20 years.
  • The Virtuoso Path will also take about 20 years.
  • The Dreamer/Entrepreneur Path, is the shortest and wealthiest path – this one takes about 12 years.

Because I know from my Rich Habits research that building wealth just takes a long time, I get very frustrated by some well-known experts in my field who say it’s OK to cut and run.

It’s not OK.

Just because a business venture is not generating immediate profits does not mean it’s a failed business model. It just means you have not tweaked it enough or figured everything out yet. Most successful entrepreneurs have to pivot many times, often over many years, before their product or service is just right for their target market or until they gain the knowledge or skills they need to succeed.

So, how long is too long?

When asked if he ever considered quitting on his Space X Dream, Elon Musk replied, “I’d have to be dead or really incapacitated.” (Elon Musk Never Give Up via @YouTube).

Dreams make life worth living. The pursuit of Dreams transforms you into the person you need to be in order for success to visit you.

Never quit on your dreams.

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