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There are four ways, or paths, to building wealth. One such path is the Saver-Investor Path.

The Saver-Investor Path is, in a real sense, the easy or guaranteed path to building wealth ( Easy Wealth – http://richhabits.net/easy-wealth/).

You don’t need mad skills, advanced degrees or knowledge, powerful relationships with influencers, big company careers or a hard core, high risk entrepreneurial bent.

It’s a path that almost anyone can follow.

But, it does require sacrifice for those who make an average wage and have children to raise. If that’s you, the solution to saving as much as you can is to spend money as if you were unemployed.

When you are unemployed, your value and perception of money changes immediately. Buying a cup of coffee, paying to rent a movie or even wanting to meet a few friends at a pub forces you to evaluate that spending decision – “Is this something I want to spend my money on right now?”

Your spending mindset, when you are unemployed, forces you to be perpetually aware of how you spend your money. This spending self-awareness then becomes the antidote to anything and everything that acts as a spending trigger.

Instead of sending your clothes to the dry-cleaner, you learn how to iron.

Instead of buying your lunch, you brown bag it.

Instead of going to a bar for a drink, you have your cocktails at home or BYOB it to a friend’s house.

Spending money as if you were unemployed allows you to save and then invest those savings, enabling you to grow your wealth.

But the Saver-Investor Path is not for everyone. Not everyone is willing to make the spending sacrifices, often required of a Saver-Investor. And if you’re struggling with poverty, it’s very hard, if not impossible, to be save.

For those who make a middle-class wage, the Saver-Investor Path is within reach.

If you’re not sure you have the discipline it takes to make the commitment to spend like you’re unemployed, then try picking one month out of the year, say January, and experimenting with the Saver-Investor Path. Or, if a month is just too long, then pick one day out of the week, say Monday, and pretend you’re unemployed every Monday. Everyone hates Mondays anyway.

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