Deprivation Incentives Help You Achieve Your Goals


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One very important by-product of my Rich Habits research has been the effect it has had on my children. As I’ve written many times, when parents forge Rich Habits, those Rich Habits consciously or subconsciously infect your children.

Well, my youngest has taken the Goal-Setting Rich Habit to another level.

My youngest informed me the other day that she is pursuing a specific job-related goal. In an effort to keep her stay focused on the achievement of the goal, she came up with a novel incentive. She is refraining from SnapChat until she reaches her goal.

By depriving herself of SnapChat, something she very much enjoys, she has created a powerful incentive to help her focus on the achievement of her goal.

We don’t truly appreciate what we have until it is taken away.

A Deprivation Incentive involves making a very specific sacrifice until you achieve a very specific goal. The reward for achieving the goal is the reinstatement of the thing you sacrificed.

The deprivation could be SnapChat, food, beer, TV, Facebook, candy, etc.

Deprivation Incentives only work when the thing you’re sacrificing is important to you or something you enjoy doing on a daily basis.

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  1. Lisa Schreiber says:

    I love this idea! In reviewing my past…I am sure it works. I am going to set a new deprivation goal right now!

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