Passion Makes the Grind Tolerable


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While it’s true that 86% of the self-made millionaires in my study either liked or loved what they did for a living, the more interesting statistic is how much of their work they were passionate about.

Surprisingly, this 86% indicated that they were only passionate about 25% of their job. The other 75% of their job, was a grind. But that 25% enabled them to tolerate that 75% of the job they did not like.

When you pursue a dream, passion is almost always the thing that spurs you into action. What keeps you going, however, are habits.

Habits put you on autopilot in the pursuit of success and this is critical because the pursuit is always a grind. That small, fractional 25% of passion keeps you motivated long enough in order for you to create the habits that will take you the rest of the way along your journey.

This is an important statistic because it shines a light on just how powerful passion can be.

Having passion for what you do allows you to persist through other aspects of your job that are not that exciting and interesting.

That 25% is a small amount but it’s a small amount that goes a long way.

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